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Aug. 5th, 2008

WC: BL Smirk

Hey ... Campers.

I am in love with Brand New again. Their show this past weekend was AMAZING. To see them, Manchester Orchestra, and (yes, lo and behold) Kevin Devine do a show again for one night only was unbelievable. I have missed M.O. Their new cd comes out in January. They played a lot of new songs. Emily and I were stuck in front of these girls who were annoying as hell. Anyways, Kevin Devine was actually good this time. I didn't fall asleep. I love the new Brand New song. It's really good. New cd soon, please? But, they played for over an hour. It seems like forever that they played. Our HOB is way better than Chicago's HOB. The next time they're in Florida, the best friend is supposed to go and see them. Now, THAT should be interesting. Even though she loves Brand New now, there is no way in hell I am going to love the new PATD or Sherwood. That is some awful music. Poor Dashboard for having to open for Plain White Ts and PATD. 

Less than two months til Prague. Can't believe it's so close. Sucks that we will be missing Against Me.If only they waited four more days. We're going to be there for a while. What to do, what to do. Shall be interesting to say the least.

I'm excited for Thrice coming back to town. Can October just hurry up and get here? 

I've decided that the next pug I get, I am going to name him Buster. I am so excited for it. It's going to be a while before it happens, but it will happen. He is going to have a seal with a yellow bow-tie and he will have to get a hook for one of his paws lol. Do they make army outfits for pugs?

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I want to go watch the Office. I miss Dwight/Jim antics.
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Jun. 1st, 2008

WC: BL Smirk

People ...

I sometimes wonder if I expect too much from people. Is there something wrong with me? Or is it them? I think it's them. They're idiots sometimes. I am just tired of people's laziness and stupidity. 

I need to post about my trips, birthday, and life. I am never home to do that. I think that should be a new venture.

Feb. 20th, 2008

WC: BL Smirk

(no subject)

I don't like the person that I have become.
I don't know how I allowed myself to get into these situation(s).
I know how to fix it, but it is going to take everything I have to do it.
How did I allow it to get this far?
So many people would be disappointed.
fuck, fuck, fuck.

On another note, I am currently addcited to the song I am listening to.

Jan. 23rd, 2008

WC: BL Smirk

dont merge your legs.

i hate being sick. i feel like i havent been home in forever. it's kind of okay with me. the home life has been kind of stressful. i miss eli though. he is such a loveable damn ass dog. that's what we've been calling him lately. damn ass dog. lol. i have wayyyyyy too much shit to do tomorrow. walking at 6:30 in the am. prolly only going to get 5 hours of sleep. gotta come home. pack for a night in the atl. go to work. run to emily's and get down to the ice palace for the game. hopefully the lightning will bring another win. i think we play ottawa? maybe this time i won't try and throw the damn camera again lol. that was still pretty damn funny. staying the night at emily's. going to TIA at like 6 in the morning? i think our flight is at 8? it better not be cold in the atl. i am yealous. i wanted to see some snow. time for the brand new hoodie. taking the saosin hoodie just in case. maybe taking of the boots? i dunno. i don't think i know how to pack for one night! come back saturday. oh ya. the traveling is for manchester orchestra. super stoked to see them. it's only midnight on a thursday morning. feels like it is 3 weeks from now. we've done so much in the past week and a half that it is insane to think it is only thursday. i am a little pukey. i can't spell the real word i want to use. thermaflu does not agree with my tummy. neither does my period. is it really true that if you become sexually active again that your first period will be really painful? that sucks. i hate unsituated situations. Sunday is d-day. it better get resolved before then. i know everything will be okay. i just don't like being the initiator. heath ledger is dead. that still bums me out. i wanted to watch 10 things i hate baout you yesterday too. i have been say 'i really love my prada back pack' lately. ya. poor matilda. i kind of want to name my daughter matilda thanks to heath and cove. cove. super bummed that saosin is not coming here. they are playing They Perched and Let go Control on their tour right now. shitty. they are playing mookie's also, Robin. i need to look through my pictures. shit. i think the deadline to submit is on friday? Ya, not going to have any time to do that. oh well. 


Jan. 16th, 2008

WC: BL Smirk

(no subject)

 I can't help it if I have a heavy flow and a wideset vagina.

Nov. 22nd, 2007

WC: BL Smirk


The holidays begin to suck when you get older. I need to have kids quick so the holidays are more enjoyable. I love my family to death and all, but I dunno. Maybe it is because I ate so much and just got tired and wanted to lay down and stuff. I dunno. Plus, damn football is ALWAYS playing. I hate football. It just bores me to death. I also didn't like that I had Eli over there and they are all like omg, you're dog is so fat/huge/heavy, whatever. Fuck you. Don't get me wrong, the dog is big and all, but I just don't feel like hearing CERTAIN people talk about how big my dog is. Fuck you asshole. I think I am also stressing out a little bit because I haven't even done that damn paper for Oesch yet. I need to get a lap top. If I had one of those it would just be easier because I could sit on my bed and do the paper there. I hate typing on this damn desk top. It's uncomfortable now.

Yesterday was a fun day. I stayed with Alma last night and the night before since Jorge was out of town. God, Christian's bed is so damn comfortable. Anyways, ya, yesterday we woke up at 7 in the am and did laundry, went to different banks, ate at denny's, went to the mall, went to Target, just basically did errands, but it was fun. Then, I met up with Emily and we went to the hockey game. Paul Ranger was not in the line up and that was a bummer, and NY's goalie was fucking awesome and our shots sucked so bad, but it was still fun. We had a good time. I got way too into it at one point and said something really retarded. But, it was still good and still makes me laugh. Drunk people say some funny, but idiotic things. No, I was not drunk, but I am just remembering some things. UM, Mexicans got crazy last night as I was leaving the mall

The new AVA song makes me happy. Scary Jesus Delonge makes me happy. Weird.

Nov. 5th, 2007

WC: BL Smirk

God, please let me grow a mustache.

I never update this thing. I never update the myspace blog either. I just post too many bulletins on myspace about random stuff or surveys, so I guess that is my blog. 

I got to school like an hour early tonight. I remember why I hate the chairs in the library. They are so damn uncomfortable. Oh well. I only come here for like 2 hours a week. That is, if I come. I have been really good this semester. I have only missed 3 classes (one was for Cali, the other for Senses Fail, and last week was cause I was lazy.) I almost missed tonight again, but I decided to come since we won't be having class next week. 

My hours suck this week at work. Everyone's hours suck. I hate the time change, even though I DO love leaving an hour early. A whole shift gets cut out though. I finally quit doing the damn track. I am so glad. That is one less stresser that I needed. I hated listening to the woman talk for 6 hours about how we weren't busy and how she was losing money. Pshh. I can stay home and watch Ugly Betty or Grey's Anatomy or something.

So, the shows have been great. I can't believe some of them, but they have been so good. The Senses Fail show was so good. I wish there were more of their shows, cause it was a lot of fun. I remember Buddy falling on my head. IT hurt so bad. I wanted to leave during 187 since I hate that song (the Priest was fucking beautiful though). Bianca held my hand so I didn't leave though. That's when Buddy came into the crowd and I got hurt lol. They need to tour with Saosin again. I loved the Saosin shows. It was good that Nate had a good time. He really didn't enjoy them at PR or in Jacksonville over the summer, so I kept hearing him bitch about Cove's vocals. BUT, Cove was on point this tour and he got high praises from Nate. This girl just sat next to me and her perfume is too damn strong. UMMMMMMMM. I finally went through my pictures and decided which one to post on the Sao LJ. There are 80 total. Good lord. But, that is out of 350, I think? Emily helped me in Tally. I was getting really frusturated (the bubble!) with some of the shots and she just took my camera while I enjoyed the show. I am still pissed about that retarded girl who kept putting her arms up to try and touch Cove. She messed up a lot of good pictures. Oh yea. Still think it is funny how I ended up on the barricade for all of the shows. Sao fans are easy to manuever through. Just sucks that I had to leave my friends. We were on Beau's side for HOB and I did not like it lol. I have to be between Cove and Chris. Circa Survive's shows were good. I think that Anthony is back to using drugs. It was fun to hang out with Katie. I haven't seen her in forever. It sucked that she couldn't give Anthony her goodie bag. They are supposed to come back in February I think? I took a total of 500 pictures of Anthony, balloons, bubbles, and confettie. It was a fun show. I think I spelt some of this words wrong. oh well. Saves the Day show was good even though they didn't really play anything I liked. I always enjoy their acoustic sets though. I guess I pissed off an Asian that night? lol. I forgot how small the social was though. Chris is small too. Fall Out boy was good. I got into an arguement with a 15 year old that night. Stupid Twat. BIanca was behind her and nothing stands in her way of Pete, so twat was just standing during the set. She never moved or anything. Well, Bianca was moving, jumping, what have you. Girl asked her to back off and Bianca didn't/couldn't (we were like 3 peeps from barricade). Well, during circle pit song (I forget which song it was), a pit starts, me, twat, and her friend all fall (I have a nasty ass bruise too). By the end of song, twat, friend, and her mom leave. On her way out, she takes a swing at Bianca. Totally misses. I shoved her, was about to hit her, but didn't, and yell at her "You do not go and try and punch people when you are leaving the pit you little bitch. What the fuck is your problem?" She didn't say anything. Her mom intervenes and was like "what is your problem? She is 15!" I was like "I do not care, keep her out of the pit if she cannot handle it. You do not go and try and punch people." I was so pissed. Could not enjoy the show for like 3 songs. I am a tard, I know. But, you don't mess with my friends man. We got meet and greets before the show. It was pretty cool. Our pictures STILL haven't been posted. I have 3 Straylight Run shows. I am excited for that. Against Me! is on Friday. I am excited for that. Even though I still haven't given the new cd much play lol. 3 Tegan and Sara shows next week. I am semi excited for that. I hate that they are playing at Jannus. Why couldn't they play State? Maybe it'll get moved there. I still haven't listened to their cd. Basically, if you're not: Saosin, Brand New, Straylight, or Circa, you're not getting playtime from me. I also have spill canvas next week. then two brand new shows. I am ecstatic for that cause they've been playing Luca and I love that song. Sucks it is at the HOB though. Then, there is the Jimmy Eat World at the HOB. Can't wait. Love the new cd. Then, Next Big Thing. I lost my ticket! I still have to call TM and tell them. Saosin got added. Sum 41 won't be there (thank god). I am excited for Paramore though. Sucks that the Used is headlining. They were so bad the last time I saw them. 

Ok, time for class. Maybe I will update again before the end of the year.

Aug. 31st, 2006

WC: BL Smirk

Panic! - Karma Police & Camisado

Mar. 1st, 2006

WC: BL Smirk

(no subject)

Oh shit. My credit line is now at $1,000. I should so go shopping! Um, I am going to be in debt bad.
I went back to school the other day (well, adolescence) and it was fun. I have missed school. I think that I should have a free period as to where I don't have to go to school in February. This past month is always bad for me. The doctors have diagnosed me with seasonal allergies and the hardest time I get hit is in February. I get some mega bad headaches and when I don't have to be to work until 12:30 5 days out of the week, the other two days, I have school and do not feel like going so it is not very hard for me to not go. Blah. But, I went the other day and liked it!
So, even though my best friends are posting how they hate school and see no point in it. I am sort of that way. I think that my problem is that I am at a comfort level. I have a job that supports me. I have parents who, even if they hate it, will give me whatever I want. They ask the slightest things of me, but I don't do it and they get pissed but just get over it, don't ask for much at all. I am enrolled in my last semester at community college. The only thing standing in my way is that damn science class. I think that I would have no problem in school if it weren't for the fact that I am SO comfortable with where I am. I do want more from my life. To live on my own, have a degree, HELP PEOPLE for a living. Have some great kids. Not sure if I want a husband or not. I do know that I want my family and friends close in tie with me. I just want to be happy. Money is not an issue. I buy what I know I can, somewhat, afford. School wouldn't be so hard if it weren't for those damn science classes. I love all of the other classes that I am in. I have no problem with them.
I just think that we were pampered in high school. I have been 'working' since I was 16. My Saturday nights were spent at the dirk bike track back in high school. So, I am not much of a person having a life on the weekends. Not even now. I mean, once a month, I take my weekends off from the store and go out. I enjoy that. But, I wasn't raised as a person to basically waste my time. I work. I should go to school more. But, I get the grades that I like. Most of the time (damn science.) I really do need to snap out of the whole drama thing though. It is just so easy!
So, I am looking forward to this month. The starting line this Saturday. Reggie on Monday. Spring break next weekend. What will I be doing? STUDYING, writing papers, just catching up. I need to use this week as my catch up session. I need to start school back up on the 13th and get stuff done. I need to apply to USF. I need to get my shit together. My best friends come into town at the end of the month and that'll be good. i can't wait. I need to go to the beach. I need to get out and just do something. I am going to go see Head Automatica with my girl Brittany at the end of the month. I need to have fun.
So, my outlook at the moment is good. In a month, it'll prolly be shitty. But, we make our life how we want it to be. Nobody else is gonna do it for us.
Wake up and make a move! (10 cool points if ya know the band!)

Oh ya, next month, it better come out that Keith is not dead. Or, I'ma be pissed cause ya'll know that one tree hill is my life!

Jan. 23rd, 2006

WC: BL Smirk

Chef, does poo go to heaven? Salty balls!!!

So, instead of watching South Park, I flipped it over to MTV and they are showing scenes from Annapolis (for those whom have no idea what the hell I am talking about, it's a navy movie). I forgot about it coming out. It intrigue me when Danielle and I went and saw Jarhead. I think that I need to call Danielle and see if she is up for going to the movies on Sunday and watching it. We said that we would when it came out. Hope her Marine hubby doesn't get mad. lol. Yes, Marines #1.
So, I have my school schedule planned out in a little planner that I bought for 25 cents. It would fit in my purse. I now need to go and put all of the shows in there that I want to go to. I also need to go and find someone to go Taste of Chaos with me cause I wanna see Story of the Year. I'm excited for the upcoming shows. I am really excited for 30 Seconds to Mars. They were good at Taste of Chaos. Jared just needs to calm his ass down with all of the climbing and shit.
School is crazy at the moment. I have such laid back classes that I am kind of slacking on the readings. I am still waiting for one of my books to come in off of ebay. I have a math test on Thursday night. I need to read, do the homework. I was gonna do it yesterday but I was sick with a headache and then today I was scheduled to do jury duty but then my # is 755 and they only called #s 1-105. So, I had the day off. Our spin cycle on the washing machine broke midway through my jeans load and they are all dirty so I went to Teresa's and her and her new room mate were there so I couldn't do the homework while the clothes washed then. I got to watch the Lion King instead, so it wasn't ALL bad. Came home. Washed the car. Chilled with mom while watching the oc. And basically just been lazy cause it has been FOREVER since I have had a day to myself.
And, now the Annapolis scene's are over and Meet the Barkers is on and they have taught me that a man should not get circumsized after the age of 30; Thank you Travis Barker.

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